About Us

The Terrell House, located at 326 T Street, N.W., Washington, DC, was willed to Howard University in 1951 and the University was to come into possession of it following the death of Terrell’s daughter, Phyllis Terrell Langston. The University took title to the property in 1998 and began planning for its rehabilitation as part of the award-winning LeDroit Park redevelopment initiative undertaken in partnership with Fannie Mae.

TLC, a non-profit organization, was formed in 2003 in response to former Howard University President H. Patrick Swygert’s suggestion that such a group be formed that could properly operate the facility once LeDroit Park residents reached consensus about how the building should be used. Area residents were unanimous in their desire to have the house restored, the Terrells memorialized and the community’s history celebrated. This became the mission of TLC.

TLC serves a diverse community as the premiere Washington, D.C. institution for the study and preservation of the Terrell Family legacy, while also promoting an appreciation for LeDroit Park and its contribution to the African American experience.

TLC assists Howard University as a neighborhood-based resource for the educational programs and community-building activities, by providing tours, exhibits, lectures, a meeting space, and collections to further its mission.

TLC’s Vice Chair is also the Director of Howard University’s Community Association, the university’s outreach arm to its surrounding community. The Community Association engages in several initiatives that involve the local community, such as: the establishment of the Howard University Public Charter Middle School of Mathematics and Science; the out-placement of Howard students in schools and D.C. community service agencies; and community planning and development projects like the Howard Town Center, a mixed-use development comprising housing, retail and grocery uses.