Current Plans and Status

The Mary Church Terrell House, built circa 1894 as a duplex structure, is a wood frame house, with brick front exterior walls, that occupies a 2,390 square foot lot. The property’s physical integrity was threatened because of its exposure to the weather through openings in the roof and windows, which permited water to enter the building; that resulted in rotted out floors, and damaged walls that undermined the building’s stability. The earlier demolition of the other half of the structure duplex as a result of a fire, also threatens the building with potential collapse.

Construction began on the Mary Church Terrell House on February 25, 2008. The general contractor, Tovan Construction and Consultants, began with laying the concrete footing for the new wall that was placed on the west elevation of the building and cleaning of the structure’s brick masonry.

All of the old mortar was removed from the exterior brick and sent for analysis so that the new mortar could approximate as closely as possible, what was originally used.

The restoration of the exterior masonry skin of the building is now complete, including the erection of a new west wall that was needed to make the building structurally sound. A great deal more funding is needed, however, to complete both exterior and interior construction.